Monday, August 10, 2015



Brain Breaks includes fitness activities, exercises, dances, crossover moves, creative activities and dramatic play which all help your children rejuvenate and re-focus on learning.  

Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are important for learning. Studies consistently demonstrate that physical education is associated with improved academic achievement, positive behavior and improved cognitive thinking skills.

Brain Breaks by Jack Hartmann is filled with 18 fun, upbeat, dance, exercise and creative movement songs that your children will love! These songs are perfect for the elementary classroom, physical education and homeschoolers. Each song is about 2 to 3 minutes long which is the ideal amount of time to get some physical activity, get the heart rate up and increase blood flow going to the muscles along with strengthening the areas of our brain. Brain research suggests that physical activity like engaging in Jack’s fun movements songs increases a student’s ability to process and retain new material. 

A research study from Oregon State University stated that short breaks of physical activity in the daily routine of elementary students improved physical health, mental awareness and educational success. These brain breaks have great energy, a cool diversity of rhythms and beats and engages children with active, yet simple movements they can easily learn. Also, there are many songs that develop a child’s social skills as the activity built-in the song encourages positive interaction, friendliness and cooperation. 

The Brain Breaks album is one of Jack’s best albums ever for children of all ages.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Kids Body Parts Song

Right Here is a great parts of the body song to get preschool children moving and identifying all different parts of the body.

The song really encourages the children to move and sing-a-long as they reply, "Right Here" as they answer my question and point to the appropriate parts of the body.

Count by 2

 Dancing 2's
Dancing 2's

Dancing 2's is a fun way for kids to learn to skip count by 2. Children follow me doing different dances as we count to 100 by 2. Every time we hit a place holder of tens we change dances.

Children sing-a-long with me as we dance to this fun skip counting song. Children easily learn the rhythm and melody which helps them remember how to count to 100 by 2's.

The combination of brain and body connections in this song really make it a winner to use over and over again to get kids exercising, get the wiggles out and memorize how to count to 100 by 2's.

Math All Around Me:

Square Song

My square song features a happy singing square character that lets children not only see a square shape, but also gives them a catchy fun song to sing-a-long with.

The square song and character focus on the characteristics of a square.
1. 4 straight lines
2. 4 equal sides

I wrote this song to be a simple and fun way for kids to remember the basic concepts and features of a square. Have your children sing with our square character and then find squares in their environment to enhance and broaden their experience.

Math All Around Me:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Circle Song

 Circle Song
This thumbnail is distorted by compression, the shape shown does not reflect the shape of the circle in the video.
Teach your children about the shape of a circle with this fun upbeat song.

The important concepts of a circle are highlighted and repeated in the song. My circle song describes the circle shape with the following:

  • A circle has no straight lines 
  • A circle has no beginning and no end
  • A circle is one closed curve
  • A circle has all points in the curve equal in distance form the center

These are all essential concepts about the circle shape. I add to the fun of learning and sing several familiar things children see and know about that are in the circle shape.  The song and video also provide real world examples of the circle, such as a tire and a full pizza.

I wanted to write songs about the shapes that explain the essential concepts of one shape at time so children can focus on each shape more thoroughly.

Math All Around Me:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Silly Pirate Song

The Silly Pirate Song is an educational song that covers sequencing, growing patterns and recall. All are very important developmental skills for young children.

This pirate adventure song continues to be one of my most popular original songs. Children really use their imaginations as they act out each character's part. This movement song is super fun.

Teachers and Parents can extend the learning after the video by asking these questions.

  • Who is your favorite character?
  • Can you tell me what order the characters appear in?
  • How many characters did you see?

The simple rhythm and great melody of Silly Pirate Song continues to make this a favorite of children around the world.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Counting Down

Countdown to Blastoff is a great song to help kids in preschool learn how to count up to 10 and also counting down from 10. Click the image or here to play the video.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Days of the Week Song

Days of the Week Song

My Days of the Week Song is a very popular educational song in classrooms across the world. This calendar song teaches children the days of the week.

In this video, children rap along with me to learn how to pronounce each day. Plus, they see the day written on the screen in a large clear font. Starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday, it's the days of the week.

Seven days in a week, what! (Repeat 2x)
Seven days in a week, say it!
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Repeat 2x)
Sing each day and clap you hands
To the parts, I know you can
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday (Repeat double time)

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Count by 5

Exercise and Count by 5's is a classroom hit across the world. It's cool Latin beat makes it easy to exercise and count by 5.
The exercises of stretching their arms and legs across the mid-line of their bodies help kids with engaging both their bodies and their minds.
Making exercise and learning fun for kids is important for their physical and emotional growth. Exercise and Count by 5's does this beautifully as well as develop children's gross motor movements.
Follow along with me and count by 5 out loud and exercise.
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Skip Counting Forward and Back is an educational song that focuses on skip counting by 10’s to 100 and then skip counting back.

The upbeat fun Caribbean rhythm makes it easy to also incorporate movements as you count. This is a wonderful brain and body connection for learning and moving. Also, the movements break up the song and video into counting forward segments and counting backward segments.

This great children’s song has the children skip count multiple times, so they really get the opportunity to skip count and move again and again. The repetition aids in the learning and the fun.

Children count out loud forward and back as they follow along and move together in the classroom.

Children will see the numbers large on screen to reinforce their number recognition.

Just follow Jack to learn to skip count forward and back!

You can find this math song and other educational songs on my album, ExerSongs.

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